193 – Ambassador Dhur

Howdy Folks!

I got a lot of layout work done on Book One and as I had requested this week and a few weeks back, you folks gave me your suggestions for potential bonus content for it.  Here is what has made the cut (so far):

  1. Dossiers on Ch’p, Jaine and Dhur (Becky would be in the second book), along with D&D (4th Edition) game stats for each;
  2. A more detailed map of the continent of Ardris;
  3. A three page prequel story of sorts, whose working title is “How the Heck Did I Get Here?!”;
  4. New Encyclopedia Ardrisia articles on topics such as noteworthy magic items of modern times (including the iOUN 4), and other topics that I’m sure you’d like to know, but I haven’t made up my mind about what they will be yet. Suggestions, as always, are welcome.

Dragonborn Sorcerer, a frequent commenter, had made several cool recommendations and one of them was family trees for the three main characters. Neat idea, but genealogy,  even made-up genealogy, would be my wife’s forté, not mine. Seriously, she could work as a genealogist, she’s that thorough. She did my family and found out that I have an ancestor that was a Lord Mayor of London and another one that was a founding partner in the East India Trading Company! Pretty cool, I’d say. However, genealogical workups for Dhur and Company would require more time than I have right now. Not saying never, just not right now. 🙂

I’m estimating the book to be 9″x 7″ and around 88 – 96 pages. Black-and-white interior with a color cover, on account of a full-color book is EXPENSIVE to print. No word on pricing yet.  More news as I have it.

Have a great weekend!