234 – That explains everything!

UPDATE – 7/4/11 : The guest strip I drew for Dave Reddick over at Legend of Bill is now live! Go check it out!

Face facts:  if you had Day’l as a son, wouldn’t you want to get rid of him, or at least send him to military school? Not to worry, though – the monk that let Day’l into the monastery was let go the next day, as the W’Shaa aren’t allowed to accept tips. 😉

I am taking Monday off, as it’s Independence Day here in the States and I’m all about some parades, BBQ, and watching the fireworks while my little girls sleep right through it, like they did last year!

Ooo! I almost forgot! Today is July 1st, so Happy Canada Day to all my friends up in the GWN!

See you all on Wednesday!