157 – Sarcasm, thy name is Ch’p

Hi Folks!

Sorry about missing the cartoon on Monday. If you’ve been reading this strip for any length of time, you know that I HATE missing deadlines. Seriously, missing one makes me feel all queasy inside. You know what I hate even more? Hitting a great big gray wall of writer’s block. I’ve been doing this strip, with only a few minor interruptions, since September of ’09, and Monday was the first time I sat there and thought, “I have no idea of what happens next.” Fortunately, I have a wife that is really good at helping me get out of my own way and I was able to break through that wall yesterday and get some decent writing done.

All that being said, I need to take a small break to recharge the creative batteries, as it were. Next week, there will be no new MeatShield strips. The fact that my daughters are off from school for all of next week for Thanksgiving helped me come to that decision.  I hope you guys understand and that you’ll come back this Friday and then on November 29th, when we’ll pick up where we leave off on Friday.

Thanks, gang. See you Friday!