152 – Dhur gets the manchair… again.

Thanks everyone for all the well-wishing regarding my recent stomach flu from Hell. I feel a LOT better now.

BTW, Dhur first got the manchair in this strip.

I have been trying, for I don’t know how long, to come up with an “elevator pitch” for MeatShield. Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to be a bit, shall we say, wordy. It sometimes takes forever for me to reach my point. So, when I’m asked what MeatShield is about, I tend to overexplain and by the time I reach my point, the listener’s eyes have glazed over.

So, let me ask you guys: if you had to describe to someone who has only a vague idea of what a role-playing game is what exactly MeatShield is about, how would you do that in one or two sentences? Mind, without using Lord of the Rings references.

Finally, to all sketch recipients: I will be starting work on your sketches this weekend. I hope to have them to you before Thanksgiving. Thanks for your patience!

Take care,