468 – Ch-Ch-Changes!

Sometimes I really have trouble coming up with clever blog titles. So sue me.:)

I realize that it’s now February, but I never got around to discussing the traditional New Year’s resolutions. Here are my resolutions, in no particular order:

  • Lose weight. I have been trying to lose weight off and on since I was about 17 years old. My wife and I just joined Weight Watchers and as I write this we are ending our first week on the program. Wish us luck.
  • Buy a house. My wife and I have been renters since just before we got married and recent circumstances have made it apparent that it would be far better for us to actually try to buy a house instead of constantly renting different houses/apartments. Only problem is, we have never bought a house before and are unfamiliar with the process, although I have been doing an enormous amount of Internet research. Now, that does open us up to a whole bunch of first-time buyer programs, but that still does not prevent me from going to sleep each night with my stomach tied in knots, as we have to vacate our current residence by July.
  • Finish Book Two. I have said more about this in previous blog posts, but rest assured I am still working on Book Two and hope to get this out before the end of the next decade 😉 Seriously, I expect to have this available by the end of March.
  • Resume publishing the strip three times a week. January has seen the last of the weekly strips. Starting on February 3rd, I will be posting the strip twice a week, once on Mondays and once on Fridays., A nice little way to bookend your week. From there, I am going to slowly try to build up a buffer of strips and resume publishing three times a week, which was my original publishing schedule.

That’s about it. I think if I were to try to add any more resolutions onto this list, my head would explode and/or none of them would get done. 🙂

See you Friday,

Rob Chambers