460 – “I might go for my PhD next…”

Hi folks,

A little bit of housekeeping: as anyone who has used the comments section on this site knows, you need to provide a valid email address to have your comments show up on the site. If you are a first-time commenter, I receive a notification email telling me that a new comment is awaiting approval. Once I approve your first comment, your comments do not have to be approved by me anymore and you may comment as many times as you like. If you happen to leave a comment using a different email address than the one you originally used, you may have to be re-approved by me, but if you use the same name and the email handle (the part before the “@”) looks vaguely similar to the one you used before, this shouldn’t be a problem.

However, I do you ask that you use a valid email address. Not because I want to market to you (Heaven forbid), but because I want to ensure that you are in fact a real person and not a ‘bot. Recently, someone attempted to leave a comment for one of my cartoons from an email address that ended with the domain “sharksandlasers.com.” I know for a fact that this is a fake domain name used by guerillamail.com, a site where you can get temporary anonymous email addresses.  I completely and totally understand if you don’t want your personal information given out, even something as innocuous as an email address. However, you should be aware that unless a real email address is attached to a comment you want to make, I will not clear the comment for inclusion on the site. I am sorry if it seems a bit hard-nosed, but that is the way has to be.

Dang it, I said last time that the next blog post was going to be funny. I’ll try again next time.