398 – What’s around this corner?

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a good holiday season. I know I did, and now there’s a new addition to my family. Meet Inkspot, a.k.a. “Spotty”:


Kind of fitting for a cartoonist to have a dog that looks he’s been spattered with ink, eh? He’s about a year old, according to the vet we saw yesterday, and looks like he is probably a beagle mixed with any number of other types of dogs, but with his body type, we’re pretty sure there’s some dachshund in there somewhere. Basically, he’s a short little beagle with dalmatian coloring. Took to my wife and my girls readily enough, but with me… it’s taking longer. He probably resents the fact that I still have functioning reproductive equipment, whereas he does not. 😉

I realized yesterday that i passed up a golden naming opportunity for him. Instead of Inkspot (which only my wife really calls him), how about… SPOTTICUS! “I am Spotticus!” “No, I am Spotticus!”

Sometimes the jokes are just for me.

Talk to you all later!