318 – Lootin’ Time!

I realized something today: Dhur and the rest of the crew have a hard time with magic items. They either get stolen from them, destroyed, or (often times) forget that they have them. For instance, someone pointed out that Dhur is currently using Jaine’s Cloak of Second Chances as a kilt and could have used it to go back in time and fix everything. This is true and there is a completely valid reason why he didn’t.

I forgot I gave the cloak to Jaine in the first place.

This happens a lot in my D&D campaign. I’ll often give out magic items that at the time seem really cool to me and to the player receiving them. Then we fast forward three or four games sessions and they trot out said magic item and I’ll frown in puzzlement and ask when they got that. My players then remind me that I gave it out in the first place.

This is one of the curses of ADHD: it makes being the DM just a tiny bit harder.

See you all Friday,