252 – Keep your eyes on the prize

EDIT: 8/18/11 – I know this will only apply to one reader, but since I can’t seem to get ahold of him or her any other way… Mongoose (or holden), please check your inbox. The answer to your question is right there.

By the way, just in case you might have missed it, there is now a Pronunciation Guide for MeatShield. I made it because, after nearly two years, there have been a lot of weird names bandied about and I figured that it might make everyone’s lives easier. Not a lot easier, mind you – I can’t guarantee that it’ll help you land that new job or lose those last few pounds, but you never know! You can access the Pronunciation Guide from the menu bar up top or by clicking HERE. Let me know if I missed any that you’ve been curious about.

Okay, back to work! See you all on Friday (or tomorrow, depending on when you read this)!