251 – Laying down the Law

UPDATE: 8/17/11 – Due to weird scheduling and back-to-school craziness, Wednesday’s MeatShield strip will go up on Thursday (8/18/11) instead.

Sorry this one is so late, folks. It’s back-to-school time and all sorts of interesting things are happening, made doubly interesting by the fact that I have twins, so that means two of EVERYTHING – Two sets of forms to fill out, two dental appointments taking twice as long…

You get the idea.

On a side note, I have always been dismayed by most movies that were adapted from comics, like Spider-Man, Batman, etc. They always end up killing off the villain at the end, which makes writing that villain into another movie a tad difficult. Willem DaFoe got the ax in Spider-Man, Nicholson’s Joker fell to his death, etc. It just seems like a waste to me. So, I decided that when I write a character, I’d like to have the chance to re-use him or her again. Thus, neither Prince Jonus nor Day’l are dead. Yet. Duke Leo, on the other hand, was just annoying and deserved death 😉

See you all on Wednesday!