Dhur, Jaine and Ch'p hunt for arcane artifacts to stop an ancient evil from escaping its extradimensional prison into Ardris, meeting Becky and Philo along the way

147 – Troll and Sympathy

UPDATE — 10/20/10: Wednesday’s strip will be delayed due to computer problems.I essentially just lost over 4 hours worth of work and have to go back and redraw it almost from scratch. Thanks for your patience, and I should have a new strip up before tomorrow (hopefully sooner.) There are levels to Dhur. Not many, […]

149 – Hey, she IS a bard!

Happy Friday, everyone! and now…. The Results of the Blue Hand Troll Contest! Wow, this was really tough, as there were so many good entries. Seriously, you guys outdid yourselves. In the end, I had to make a decision, but it’s one I hope you’ll appreciate: there are TWO winners. One of the entries actually […]


Sorry, folks, but there’s no strip today, as I spent all of last night throwing up. It’s true what they say about kids and viruses: whatever they bring home are nastier than anything that you got when you were a kid.Β  I’m going to go lay down now. Should have a new cartoon on Friday. […]

Still Sick

Hi Folks, I am just now coming on the tail end of one of the worst flus I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter. I *could* try to bang out a cartoon for today, but frankly, it will look horrible if I do. I think you guys are better served if I actually take a […]

158 – Balloons for the kids!

I have this picture in my head of the NailmoorΒ  Town Council (all three of them) sitting around talking about how to revitalize Nailmoor: “We need tourism money, how do we get it? “I know! Open a visitor’s center andΒ  – are you ready for this – give balloons to the kids!” “Dang, Fred, that’s […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

OK, I know I said I was taking the week off, and I am. However, after a day and a half off, I got restless and decided to put together a quick little something for you guys to tide you over till Monday. By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Zagyg is […]

159 – The Nailmoor Inn

Howdy everyone! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, we sure did! I have a question for all of you: I have been knocking around the idea of making a MeatShield book, collecting the first major storyline. Would you guys be interested in that, and if so, what kind of “bonus content” would you […]

160 – Get your own duckie!

First off, thanks for the great ideas for bonus features for the first MeatShield book! One of them was to make a dossier for Ch’p. I’ve been toying around with updating the dossiers of both Jaine and Dhur, as well as make one for Ch’p, because, sheesh, that Extras page needs updating, y’know? Thanks again […]

161 – Clan PunchInTheFace!!!

I wanted to name this dwarven clan something other than the traditional “IronAxe” or “Fireforge” or “Battlehammer,” which are dwarven clan names that you see in D&D. When I came up with this clan’s name, it made me laugh out loud, but when I told my wife about it, all she did was frown. “So, […]

163 – Becky

A little while back I asked for prayers/warm wishes/ good vibes/etc. for my cousin, who had an aneurysm. There is good news. She has been able to move her legs and one of her arms, and is able to respond to simple requests, like ‘lift your finger’. She’s currently unable to talk due to having […]

170 – Mr. Thoughtful

Annnnnnnnd we’re back! Even though the new year has been upon us for over a week, this is the first chance I’ve had to talk to you all since I went on holiday hiatus. So, how’ve you been? Good, I hope. My holidays were good, had a ton of fun watching my girls open all […]

172 – Anybody home?

UPDATE: 1/17/11 – Ugh. Delay of strip today. I’ll have the new strip by tomorrow morning. Sorry, folks. πŸ™‚ I was listening to the Webcomic Alliance podcast while I was working today and one of the hosts of that show, Dawn Griffith, posed the question of what to do when you are a creative person […]

173 – Boot to the door!

I run aΒ  weekly D&D game (surprise surprise) and it’s become almost a foregone conclusion that whatever door they come to, be it the sanctum of an evil wizard or a storage closet, every single door will be kicked down. Even though there are not one but TWO characters in the party that have very […]

175 – Roll Initiative!

UPDATE – 01/24/11 – Strip will be delayed by a day, due to my feeling like crap. Sorry πŸ™‚ Man, it took me FOREVER to get this one done, and I still don’t know why. The only thing I can think of is I had no script pre-written for it, so maybe that was it. […]

176 – Ooooo, Shinies!

Ever feel like you’re a little off your game? I’m kind of like that now, with my schedule. This is why I decided to delay Monday’s strip to today – I need a day or two to get back on track. Everything should be good now. I should also have this stupid Upper Respiratory Infection […]

178 – The Lich Is Back!

So, did anyone guess who it was? I have been chomping at the bit to bring Duke Leo back, with his innate flair and 3 pack-a-day smoker’s voice. I’m a happy cartoonist/geek. πŸ™‚ BTW, I was told recently by a number of people, both online and off, that I need to quit apologizing when strips […]

179 – A Little Soul Searching

Happy Groundhog Day! Yes, we in America have a holiday to celebrate the weather forecasting powers of a large rodent. We’re weird. πŸ™‚ I just finished reading the old Duke Leo storyline in my archive and I discovered something – I have REALLY improved as an artist. Not to pat my own back, but… yeeesh, […]

185 – When you gotta go….

UPDATE: 2/23/11 – I am totally dragging today, folks. Exhausted is more like it. As of 8:10 PM PST, I had three out of four panels inked in. Not colored, not shaded,Β  just inked. I will have the new strip up tomorrow as soon as I can, but I’m calling it quits for the night. […]

186 – Foot, Insert in Mouth

And now, in a continuing service, an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia. Giants Legends say that when Terron, God of the Earth, helped the other gods create the world, he created a race of creatures in his own image to populate it, as did the other gods. Not being a god overly blessed with outside-the-box […]

189 – Hammer Time!

Boom da da doom da doom da doom can’t touch this! I wonder if MC Hammer ever got sued by Rick James for his sample of SuperFreak that features in Can’t Touch This? ___ Today marks 9 years of marriage for my wife and I. You poor soul,Β  you had no idea what you were […]

191 – I’m not worthy!

Progress continues apace on the construction of the first MeatShield book, which I’ll most likely be releasing via Lulu.com. A while back, I asked you all what kinds of bonus content you’d like to see, and here are the results, in no particular order: Game stats for the characters Updated “dossiers” on each character (as […]

193 – Ambassador Dhur

Howdy Folks! I got a lot of layout work done on Book One and as I had requested this week and a few weeks back, you folks gave me your suggestions for potential bonus content for it.Β  Here is what has made the cut (so far): Dossiers on Ch’p, Jaine and Dhur (Becky would be […]

198 – Let’s go.

Man, strip number #200 is creeping up on me. I’ve decided that I’m not going to draw a special strip just for the 200th one. Instead, within Monday’s strip, you’ll see …something to commemorate it. So, I got that working for me, which is nice. See you all on Friday! ~Rob

199 – Why not you for say so?

Something occurred to me the other day. I occasionally write in what I call, for lack of a better term, “caveman dialect.” I do this especially when writing creatures that are of, shall we say, sub-standard intelligence, such as the giants or Blue Hand Troll. What I never considered was how this might read outside […]

200 – Ding!

Welcome to strip number 200! In case anyone out there is unfamiliar with the above term, “ding”, it is what you say in the chat channel on a MMORPG like World of Warcraft or Everquest to signify your character going up a level. I know most folks reading this know this, but you never know […]

205 – Roadside Distractions

Howdy do, everybody! As I said last Friday, I talked with Kurt Sasso of TGT Webcomics yesterday about all things MeatShield and few things not, including my secret shame regarding Jack Kirby! What? You’re curious to know what happened? Click the link below to find out or go on over to iTunes and download episode […]

208 – A detective he’s not

The thick plottens…… πŸ™‚ ~Rob P.S. Just in case the scroll in the cartoon above is unreadable, here is the text of Ch’p’s letter: Ch’p, There comes a time in every monk’s life when he or she must venture into the wide world and bring the light of the W’Shaa into the dark places. You […]

212 – Nomos

further update – 5/9/11 Yeesh. You know how sometimes when you go on a vacation and you end up getting sick the day you return to work? Yeah, that’s me today. Not to put too fine a point on it, but Imodium is my best friend right now.:(Β  Monday’s cartoon will go up on Wednesday. […]

213 – Tea Biscuits A Go Go!

Phew! I feel a lot better. Work continues apace on the first MeatShield book, The Quest for the Scepter Thingie. One of the things I had promised was D&D 4th Edition stats for Dhur, Jaine and CH’p. Since such stats would be making use of intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast,Β  I contacted WOTC […]

215 – Tea and Antipathy

Howdy folks! I heard back from Wizards of the Coast last Friday regarding my putting D&D 4th edition stats of Dhur, Jaine and Ch’p in my book. No dice. Since Dungeons & Dragons is their intellectual property, that’s the answer I thought I’d get, but I wanted to perform my due diligence so that I […]

218 – What are we waiting for?

Hi Folks! I thought I’d show you some of the offerings on display at Blue Hand Troll’s online store at CafΓ© Press. I’m just starting out with all this, so if there’s anything you’d really like to see available, drop me a line! The T-Shirt is available in men’s and women’s sizes. Go on over […]

220 – Dungeon Time!

It’s been a while, but here we go, back into an honest-to-goodness dungeon! Scheduling note: I will be taking this Monday off for Memorial Day. I hope those of you in the US enjoy your three day weekend as much as I plan to. For those of you outside the US… well, take a three-day […]

229 – Undead AND Rabid?

Undead Ocelots. No doubt raised from the dead by that foul necromancer, Mar Lon Per Kins πŸ˜‰ Thanks for all your input on the whole self-publishing dilemma, folks. Here’s what I’ve decided: I am going to give Kickstarter a shot. So, all I have to do is make a intro video for it and decide […]

231 – Get a rope!

Okay, this shows how much of a dork I am. I wrote the above blog title and the first thing that popped into my mind was the Pace picantΓ© commercial where a bunch of cowboys find out that their picantΓ© sauce was made in New York City. I watch WAAAAAAAY too much TV. See you […]

233 – Read me my rights!

A little bit of news for you folks. Dave Reddick of Legend of Bill sent out a TroubleAlert for guest strips and MeatShield has answered the call! Seriously, I’m putting together a guest strip for Dave to run while he gets caught up on his own excellent strip, although I’m not sure when it will […]

235 – Hints and Allegations

Welcome to everyone from Legend Of Bill! For those of you who might have missed it, Dave Reddick, the creator of The Legend of Bill, was swamped with work and put the call out for guest strips, and mine ran on Monday. If you haven’t checked out The Legend of Bill, I heartily encourage it. […]

237 – Master Teo

Still working on the cover to Book One. I keep second-guessing myself and starting over from scratch. Grrr… BTW, “Teo” is pronounced TAY-oh. Just in case you were curious. πŸ™‚ See you on Wednesday! ~Rob P.S. By the way, if anyone has a Google Plus invite, I’d really appreciate one!

242 – Boot to the head!

Or in this case, pointy curly slipper to the head, but you get the idea. Next Friday there will be no cartoon, as I am going to be taking the day off for my birthday! Hope all of you at San Diego ComicCon are having a great time, and if you want to give me […]

244 – Attack Name GO!

Just a quick reminder: there will be no cartoon on Friday, July 29th, as I am taking my birthday off. How old am I? Old enough to remember (and have owned) the original D&D red box and to have been really excited when Donkey Kong came out on the Atari 2600. Do the math. πŸ™‚ […]

245 – Which way did he go?

Last Friday night was arguably the best birthday party I’ve ever had! I’ve never had a surprise party thrown for me; I can’t say that anymore! It was one of the best nights of my life! Kudos to my wife for organizing it all and for completely pulling the wool over my eyes! I’ve rarely […]

250 – It’s your job now!

Man, MeatShield strip #250 kind of crept up on me there. Wow. On September 9th, I will have been doing MeatShield for TWO YEARS.Β  Thank you everyone for coming by three times a week and checking out the adventures of our (now) quartet. Things are about to get… interesting. (insert Evil DM laugh here). See […]

251 – Laying down the Law

UPDATE: 8/17/11 – Due to weird scheduling and back-to-school craziness, Wednesday’s MeatShield strip will go up on Thursday (8/18/11) instead. Sorry this one is so late, folks. It’s back-to-school time and all sorts of interesting things are happening, made doubly interesting by the fact that I have twins, so that means two of EVERYTHING – […]

MeatShield – Year Two!!

Presenting… The Front Cover of the first MeatShield book! Ta dah!! I figured you all have waited long enough to get a glimpse of what the book would look like, so when I finally finished the cover the other day, I knew that it was the perfect way to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of MeatShield! […]

261 – Don’t underestimate the killing power of British baked goods :)

For the record, no, I’ve never eaten a crumpet. A comment was submitted over the weekend that disturbed me. The comment in question was mostly on my artistic skills or lack thereof (which I am actually pretty thick-skinned about), but the commenter ended his missive with a term that means, roughly,Β  “Fornicator of a Maternal […]

263 – Orc Tagging

UPDATE – 9/19/11Β  Due to circumstances beyond my control, the new MeatShield strip will be posted tomorrow (Sept. 20th) instead of today. Sorry, folks! Before you take off for the rest of your day, I’d like to tell you all about something that came to my attention:Β  I just found out that a cartoonist friend […]

271 – Thank you, Ch’p!

10/10/11 UPDATE : The new MeatShield strip will be slightly delayed today folks, as I am freakin’ exhausted. I hope to have it up before 7:00 PST. Thanks for understanding. πŸ™‚ Ch’p shouldn’t be needing his pony for a while, as he’ll be floating on air for at least three days after this. πŸ™‚ See […]

273 – Oh no he DIDN’T!

In True Grit (the original version, not the recent remake that I haven’t seen yet), there’s a scene where Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne) confronts Ned Pepper andΒ  yells out “Fill your hands you sonofab*tch!” which means draw your guns so I can kill you in a fair fight. That’s kind of what I was going […]

274 – She’s MY puppy now!

Many years ago, in one of the many D&D games I’ve played in, I was running a cleric of Tyr named Mikalen Norn. He was also known as “Mike of the Hammer” because that was his preferred weapon. In one encounter, Mike and the party was waling away at this huge iron golem and Mike […]

280 – The Thick Plottens

Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby present the winner of the Second Annual MeatShield Sketch Contest…. Jennifer Hansen! Here is Jennifer’s winning funny in-game moment: We were playing (IIRC) first edition AD&D and we were facing the Really Big Baddie, who was laughing maniacally and casting massive spells at us. He had, of course, already sent […]

285 – A little help here?

UPDATE – 11/11/11 – Today’s strip will be going up late today folks, possibly tomorrow. I forgot that today was Veteran’s Day and have my kids at home πŸ™‚ Not that I’m complaining. C’mon, you didn’t think that orc was just going to give up and let Becky keep the dog, did you? Now, those […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: 11/28/11 – Sorry, no new strip today folks. This cold I have is kicking my butt bad. Let’s shoot for Wednesday instead. Thanks for understanding. πŸ™‚ ~Rob So, you know how on Monday I mentioned news regarding the book? We’re going to do Black Friday a little early! The kind folks at Lulu have […]

292 – Mmmm, Chocolate Gloomvault!

UPDATE – 12/5/11 – Monday’s strip will be delayed until Wednesday or whenever my body decides it has had enough of the flu I seem to have contracted. I will endeavor to have three strips up this week, regardless. Chocolate Gloomvault – Part of a nutritious breakfast! Also available: Fruity Gloomvault πŸ™‚ Thank you to […]

293 – System updating…

Ugh. After getting through one of the worst colds I’ve ever had as an adult last week and this week with the flu or stomach bug or whatever it was (I could give you the details, but you really don’t want to know), I’m about done with being sick. Just thought I’d share that with […]

295 – Run away?

UPDATE – 12/14/11 – Don’t worry, I’m working on the next comic. πŸ™‚ I just wanted to put up a notice that today is the LAST DAY to get 25% off on The Quest for the Scepter Thingie by using the code BUYMYBOOK305. After the 14th, this code will no longer work. You’ll still be […]

296 – Gloomvault

UPDATE 12/19/11 – Due to a family dental emergency, I will not have a strip up today. I hope to have one up by tomorrow. Thanks for understanding, folks. ~Rob Eh, who needs subtlety when you have power over life and death? Then again, Lord Borloth was probably one of those guys that was really […]

297 – China Shop, meet Bull

UPDATE – 12/21/11 – Man, I thought I’d get more done than I did before I left town for Christmas, but I didn’t. Mea Culpa. πŸ™Β  I just wanted to post a quick note to tell all of you Happy Holidays, whatever holiday that might be for you, and thanks for reading. I also have […]

298 – Failed Saving Throw

Welcome to the new year, folks! I thought I’d start off the new year with something subtle and understated. So, yeah, Dhur’s dead – or is he? Bwa Ha ha ha! So, it looks like Wizards of the Coast has decided to start work on Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, and will supposedly be using […]

299 – Minesweeping!

Wow. Look at that. This is cartoon #299. How time flies… More on this whole D&D 5th Edition thing:Β  There were some interesting things brought into 4th edition that I hope make it to 5th edition unscathed. The shortened skill list was a blessing from on high compared to the mess that 3.0 and 3.5 […]

302 – Orvon gets serious

Yep, you don’t want to cross an angel. Just in case you were wondering. Check this out! Tuomo Kakkonen, a MeatShield reader in Finland, sent in the very first piece of MeatShield fan art! Tuomo also has a webcomic called T’s Kingdom. Thanks, Tuomo! Hasta, ~Rob

313 – VWOOSH!

Well, after this bit with Borloth, I’ve realized two things: Skeletons are a pain in the neck to draw, and It’s really hard to show facial expressions on a character when that character doesn’t have a face. Next up: we deal with a naked half-orc. You’re welcome, ladies πŸ˜‰ Take care, ~Rob

315 – Blissfully Oblivious

One of the things that will always be a constant in MeatShield is Dhur’s sense of blissful obliviousness and today is a prime example of that. The man comes back from the dead (which is no mean feat) and one of the first things he wonders about is why he was tapped to perform an […]

318 – Lootin’ Time!

I realized something today: Dhur and the rest of the crew have a hard time with magic items. They either get stolen from them, destroyed, or (often times) forget that they have them. For instance, someone pointed out that Dhur is currently using Jaine’s Cloak of Second Chances as a kilt and could have used […]

321 – Love at first sight

I was made aware of something earlier today which frustrated me. Mike, a longtime reader serving in Afghanistan, tried to order a copy of my book but Lulu, the company I’m publishing the book through,Β  cannot ship to overseas military addresses or APO/FPOs. If anyone else is having this problem, let me know by sending […]

323 – On The Catwalk

Wondering what Dhur means by “payback”? Go take a look at this tidbit from the past. Just in case you’re not up on your fantasy character costuming, from left to right we have Bill (and a plush Frank the dragon) from Legend of Bill by Dave Reddick, Yeagar from Nodwick by Aaron Williams,Β  He-Man by […]

327 – Samilleve

And now, in a continuing service, an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia: SAMILLEVE Samilleve (SAM-ull-EV), the capitol city of Val’Dhar, is a city of soaring towers and minarets, natural splendor, and ruthless politics. Since the average elf lives for roughly 400 years and rarely leaves the walls of their pastel-colored domain, a certain amount of […]

330 – Sorathassa

Just a quick heads-up, folks: strip updates may be sporadic, as this week is Spring Break for my daughters. Nothing makes for a more effective distraction from getting things done than two 7-year-olds home from school for a week. Want an example of that? Here you go:Β  I had to stop and start this blog […]

331 – Did I say that out loud?

Poor, poor Ch’p. Lucky in looting treasure rooms, unlucky in love. Someone pointed out that Ch’p must be pretty loaded with all the loot that Ch’p dragged out of Borloth’s keep. Something that you need to keep in mind: Ch’p grew up in a monastery where money was never used – the W’Shaa bartered for […]

335 – When Noral met Cindra…

Thanks to everyone who commented, both here and on Facebook. There were a lot of great ideas and a few… interesting ones πŸ™‚ Just so everyone knows, this potential 5th party member won’t be showing up right away, and I won’t be divulging its race and class until she or he makes their appearance. I […]

341 – Where’d YOU come from?!

The last part of this strip is almost autobiographical. πŸ™‚ My girls are like ninjas, sometimes. OOH! Last weekend, I co-hosted the TGT Webcomics podcast with Kurt Sasso, where we interviewed Scott Christian Sava, the creator of the most excellent all-ages webcomic The Dreamland Chronicles! Go check it out! See you all Wednesday! ~Rob

344 – We need to talk.

Howdy, folks. Just to clear up any confusion about Mari, since a) it probably won’t be mentioned in the strip, and b) people have been conjecturing about her: Mari is a full-blooded elf even though her ears are no bigger than Jaine’s. Elves, like all other humanoids, have two things that continue to grow after […]

345 – Poor Mari

I felt sad when I drew that third panel. Almost like I wanted to reach into it, give her a hug and tell her everything was going to be OK. πŸ™ Something I’ve been noticing about the direction of the strip that worries me a tad is that it doesn’t seem to take much for […]

348 – The Price

Just a quick note: if you didn’t already know about it (not likely with this group :)), Wizards of the Coast just opened their public playtest for the next iteration of the Dungeons and Dragons rules. Go here to sign up. I’ve only had a few moments to skim the rules, but it looks… interesting. […]

363 – Leavetaking

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last blog post regarding my weight loss efforts. I really did not expect that big of a reaction, but that just shows how awesome you folks are. You all truly deserve the mantle of Forces of Good, which is the moniker that a commenter named “zuche” coined a […]

364 – Oh, and by the way…

UPDATE: For a limited time only, Lulu is offering 18% off of any order! If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on the first MeatShield book, The Quest for the Scepter Thingie, then what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one and when you go to checkout, enter “CAUGHT” in the Coupon Code […]

367 – Forget something?

I know, I know… someone should call the Westhame division of the SPCA for poor Vorpal, being left behind like that. In Becky’s defense, as Vorpal’s de facto owner, she’s had a lot on her mind, what with some centuries-old hammer talking to her and telling her she’s now the Hand of Morridin. That would […]

368 – Stow it, Sledge!

Finally ran the D&D Playtest last week and overall it was… okay. I think the biggest complaint was the lack of self-healing and total reliance on the cleric for healing. I’ll write more about it later, promise, but it’s 1:00 AM as I write this and I’m going to bed. See you all Monday! ~Rob […]

370 – Windchimes!!!

Dhur: Half-orc Barbarian or Poster Child for ADHD? You make the call. __ I was listening to the D&D Podcast from Wizards of the Coast today and they were talking about D&D Next ( which is what they’re calling the playtest for the new D&D rules set) in the first half of the show. Turns […]

372 – That looks a little tight

OK, we’re back. I had a nice and relaxing birthday last Sunday and on Saturday morning, I got a pleasant surprise: STARTING WEIGHT: 284.8 lbs. CURRENT WEIGHT: 274.8 lbs. WEIGHT LOST: -10.0 lbs. Yay! Thanks, Chris Powell, for writing your book and thereby helping me and my wife get healthier. My wife also has a […]

374 – The game’s afoot

Last weekend, I got my birthday present from my wife which was one whole weekend (more or less) away from home, hanging out with my best friend, who lives in a beach house in Newport Beach that is about 30 feet away from the beach. Enjoyed my time down there doing absolutely nothing, and it […]

375 – CSI: Westhame

Too bad I couldn’t have Jaine wear sunglasses and toss off a pun about the crime scene, followed by a Roger Daltrey “YEAAAAAAAH!”. Some of you might remember that I was interviewed for the TGT (Two Guys Talking) WEbcomics podcast, run by Kurt Sasso. What you may not know is that every quarter or so […]

380 – A little note from home

To quote Dhur, “DANG!” My productivity has slowed to a crawl and it’s all because of my stupid, stupid ear. Specifically, my left inner ear, which is infected and has been slapping me upside the head with bouts of vertigo for the past two weeks or so. I mean vertigo like you’re standing on a […]

A Brief Hiatus

Hi Folks, What with the idiot that decided to target my kids’ school getting out on bail today (which makes me very nervous) and the fact that in a little under two weeks, I’ll be moving, I’ve decided to put the strip on a brief hiatus. Right now, the plan is to resume production on […]

384 – Orcish Lockpick

Still trying to get things sorted out here at Chez Chambers. Ended up only posting one strip last week because I could not for the life of me find my scripts notebook. Y’know, the thing that tells me what I planned for everyone to say and do in each strip? Yeah, that thing. Slowly getting […]

385 – Sleep tight!

If, after reading today’s strip, you’re scratching your head and thinking, “what the…?”, allow me to direct your attention to this strip from a few months ago. That’s all I gots for ya today. See you next time! ~Rob

388 – Berserk!

Three things for todfay, folks: Happy Halloween! I hope everyone living on the East Coast is well in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Scary stuff. Be extra careful, please. As you may have noticed, my update schedule has taken a hit over the last month.Β  Originally, it was because of all the craziness in my […]

393 – “Oooo! Shiny!”

Lo, Dhur is reunited with Grinsplitter, which for some reason is all glowy… OK, my family and I are now 100% settled in the new house and I’m getting more comfortable with working in my studio. My studio. I have wanted a dedicated room all to my own for nothing but my art for a […]

395 – Hi Mom

Annnnnnnnd we’re back. Sorry for the dead air over the past week or so, folks. Not intentional, I assure you.Β  It’s just been a crazy month over all, what with family members and myself getting sick, holiday madness, and getting rear-ended by a driver whose insurance status is in question pending an investigation so I […]

396 – Reunited

I could ramble on and on about the events of the past few days, but that’s already being done by every single media outlet in the world. Suffice to say, as a father whose kids’ school was recently targeted by a crazy, Sandy Hook hit home for me. I am so thankful that nothing came […]

400 – Divine Intervention

“So, what did you do yesterday?” “Not much. Went to the store, got some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. You?” “Oh, you know, the usual: watched royalty get stabbed, then had a conversation with my god. No biggie.” Heck, the last time we hit a hundredth strip, Dhur died. Had to do something equally earthshaking, […]

406 – Ka-Boom

Here is one of many reasons I love my wife: After looking over this strip prior to publishing it on the web, she asked, “Is it an EARTH-SHATTERING Ka-boom?” Yep, she can quote Looney Tunes cartoons (specifically, Marvin the Martian) with ease. πŸ™‚ C’mon, you guys thought Dhur would drink it? That would be the […]

411 – Hair Club for Orcs

Hmm. I’m actually a little out of practice drawing Dhur with his hair and his chops. Oh, those luscious chops…;) The fun is just about to begin, because one of the older adages from D&D, right behind “Don’t Split the Party,” is this: “Never mix potions. Ever.” See you on Wednesday/Thursday! ~Rob

415 – Bozo the Barbarian

UPDATE – 4/9/13 : The strip needs to go on a one week hiatus while my drawing arm heals up from acute tendonitis. I’ll be using this time to write more and plan my evil, evil DM plans. Mwa ha ha πŸ˜‰ . See you all on 4/15 ! One could argue that this latest […]

419 – Animal House

Work on Book Two continues apace, after I had pushed it to the back-burner for a while. Right now, it has the working title of “The Hunt for the Mystic Doo-Dads, Part One: Against the Gravel Giants”. I am about halfway through laying the book out. What I am trying to come up with now […]