The quintet follow a treasure map into the dreaded Chasm of Night!

426 – The Chasm of Night

And now, in a continuing service, an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia… THE CHASM OF NIGHT Few locales inspire as much deep-seated fear as The Chasm of Night. In the first age after the world was created, two of the greater gods waged a terrible battle. On one side was Kelamane, God of Honor, Light, […]

427 – Vloom

It looks like the better question wasn’t “what is Philo’s class,” but instead “what is Philo?” (Insert Evil DM Laugh here). Found out something interesting the other day. Not through any conscious effort on my part or anything, but MeatShield passes the Bechdel Test.The Bechdel Test was created by Alison Bechdel of the comic strip […]

429 – The Nose Knows

UPDATE – 6/12/13: My kids are finishing school and I have house guests in from out of state, so site updates will be sporadic until probably after July 4th. Thanks for understanding. πŸ™‚ Hey, some of us are not morning people. It takes us a little while to get into the flow of things. Philo […]

430 – The Big Secret

As I said in the last blog post, strip updates will be irregular until after July 4th, mostly due to my girls getting out of school for the summer, house guests, and the fact that in my immediate family, there are five birthdays (including my daughters’ 9th) and one anniversary in June, along with Father’s […]

431 – Trust Issues

Just in case anyone else out there is thinking the same thing my wife asked me the other day: Yes, this is the REAL Philo. I wouldn’t do that to you guys twice. Once is a nice little plot twist; twice is just plain mean. I am a tough but fair DM! Thanks for your […]

432 – Infusions

Annnnnd…. we’re back! Sorry for the lengthy hiatus, folks, but no more of that! As of this week, we will be back to three times a week! Woo Hoo! So, now you know exactly what Philonoth Rhieune is: a changeling artificer. For those of you who haven’t played D&D in the past 10 years or […]

433 – Ever thing Must Goes!

This blog post title comes courtesy of Blue-Hand Troll. I don’t quite remember who asked me or when, but someone asked me what the voices of the various characters sound like in my head. For example, Jaine is usually either my wife or Scarlett Johannsen, Dhur’s voice is my impersonation of Torq from the Critical […]

439 – We are Horse!

Yes, Jaine named her horse “Buttercup.” One of my players once named her paladin’s warhorse “Althielas” (or something like that – memory’s hazy), which translated into Elvish as “Cupcake.” True story. πŸ™‚ Take care, ~Rob

443 – “With soap, even!”

Must be pretty bad if animals that are known for eating their own poop are complaining about your body odor. By the way, I just added some social media buttons down at the bottom of this post. Do me a favor: click the button for the site of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and […]

445 – Roadside Distractions

As I said last time, I was going to write my Dungeon World review in this blog post. However, I will be playing Dungeon World again this weekend with my usual gaming group and I wanted to have a second session under my belt before I actually weighed in with my opinion. My preliminary opinion; […]

447 – I hereby volunteer us!

And now, in a continuing service, an entry from the Encyclopedia Ardrisia… DARVANA Darvana is the goddess of luck, humanity, fate, and adventure. Darvana is much beloved by most humans throughout Ardris; she is commonly acknowledged to be the creator of humanity. When she chooses to manifest herself on the material plane, Darvana often appears […]

448 – Laying down the law

As promised, I am now presenting my mini-review of the Dungeon World game. I remember when I was a kid, I found that the rulebook to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (yes I’m that old) was great reading but the sheer density of the text in that book made trying to completely understand the entire game […]

451 – The Dirt Whisperer

The theory I have about Dhur’s ability to navigate is this: his ability to get around is inversely proportional to how large of an area he has to plot a course through. If we are talking about Dhur having to follow a trail, track someone, or otherwise get someplace on foot with little information, he […]

452 – Whoops

UPDATE: 10/4/13 My hands hurt. A lot. Here’s why: My in-laws live on property in North Texas that has a lot of mesquite trees on it and recently I asked them to mail me several good-sized sticks that I could carve into wands for my family’s Halloween costumes (this year we’re Harry Potter themed – […]

453 – Pit Trap!

My hand is better now, although still not 100%. Fortunately, I’ve now finished all the wands for our Halloween costumes. Anyway, I figured you folks would like to see what I darned neared ruined my hands making. Presenting the Wand of The Mighty Rob: You can’t tell because of the light I used, but there […]

456 – Hail to the Cheef!

I have been wrestling with something for the past several months. As you may have noticed, I have not been terribly timely with updates to the strip. I think the primary cause of this is my tendency to obsess over tiny little details that no one will ever see, or they will see them, but […]

457 – Hostages!

Cheef doesn’t miss a trick, does he? Here’s a funny thought: Since this strip began, Dhur and Company have encountered goblins, drow, giants, a lich (sort of), evil cultists, a couple of gods and a demonic dragon, yet it may well be that the enemies that’ll vex them the most are… kobolds?? Heh heh heh. […]

458 – Do the math!

Halloween 2013 has now come and gone; I hope yours was a good one. This year, my family and I dressed in costumes from Harry Potter. My daughters were Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger, my wife went as Sybil Trelawny, and I was Mad-Eye Moody, complete with wands that I hand-carved for each member of […]

464 – Fezzes are cool.

This is it, the last MeatShield comic for 2013! I am now on my way cross-country to Texas for the holidays. The next MeatShield comic will be posted on January 7th, 2014. Here’s wishing all of you a happy holiday, whatever holiday it is that you observe. Take care!! ~Rob

468 – Ch-Ch-Changes!

Sometimes I really have trouble coming up with clever blog titles. So sue me.:) I realize that it’s now February, but I never got around to discussing the traditional New Year’s resolutions. Here are my resolutions, in no particular order: Lose weight. I have been trying to lose weight off and on since I was […]

469 – Did I say something?

New Year’s Resolutions Progress Report Twice a week update schedule? So far, so good. Book Two: Half of the illustrations are now done for the Encyclopedia Ardrisia excerpts. After I finish the remaining illustrations, I will then sit down and make up the Pathfinder statistics for each member of the group so far, except for […]

472 – A Humble Suggestion

So, how did everyone do surviving Ragnarok?I had a mild charlie horse when I woke up that morning, but I think that’s the extent that the Midgard Serpent made its displeasure known. Besides, Thor seemed to go through Ragnarok at least every other year in his comic book and the world turned out fine each […]

474 – Phew!

Progress is being made on Book Two. I have finished all of the illustrations for the Enyclopedia Ardrisia pages and I am currently in the process of creating the Pathfinder stat blocks for Dhur, Jaine, Ch’p, and Becky. All that remains after that is to lay out all of the “business” pages; things like the […]

475 – Bard for the win!

Oh, the sacrifices that Philo makes as an agent of the Elvish crown… πŸ˜‰ I’ve obviously always had a soft spot in my heart for bards; often the butt of jokes in the gaming community, bards can actually be pretty fun to play. My wife ran one for the Eberron campaign I ran when I […]

475 – Khalinor

OKAY! Here’s what I’ve been sitting on for the past few weeks! MeatShield now has a Patreon campaign! I’m really looking forward to this, folks, as not only would it really help me out, but it’ll make available a whole bunch of neat stuff for all of you, like the sketch blog, Google Hangout […]

476 – Get the Map

Side note: Khalinor was the name of a ranger I used to play in a friend’s D&D campaign in Las Vegas. My Khalinor was human, but the GM, Frank, could never remember that and kept assuming that I was running an elf. So, with this Khalinor, I just decided to give in and make him […]

481 – VORP!

Y’know, it took me a while to come up with a fitting onomatopoeia for this particular strip. I’m kind of proud of “Vorp.” I have no idea if I invented it or not, but whatever works, right? Oh, and guess what? The map didn’t lead to a treasure. Now it gets weird. Weirder. You know […]

483 – Geronimo!!!

If you met your future self, you’d probably tell yourself the winning lottery numbers, or who not to ask out (or who you should have). What does Dhur tell his past self? Kumquats and prom queen… whatever the heck that means! *Insert Evil DM Laugh Here* Take care, ~Rob

487 – Idle hands

The shoulder shell is back! Truth is, I missed drawing it and even though I designed them, I ended up REALLY not liking the new spaulders. This entire strip seems like it’s tailor-made to have Yakkity Sax played in the background. Now all we need is Benny Hill coming over the next sand dune… Also, […]